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Smartvatten is an investment for your wallet and the environment

With the help of Smartvatten, Ekerö Bostäder can remotely monitor the water consumption for 450 of their 900 apartments in real time. This saves both time and money for the company.

– Which real estate owner would not like to avoid going around and measuring their water meters all the time, says Ulf Smitt, Operations Manager at Ekerö Bostäder.

– Especially those who have to travel 60 kilometres back and forth to a water meter, he continues.

Thanks to Smartvatten, property owners such as Ekerö Bostäder can get a better understanding of the water consumption in their properties. If someone has forgotten to turn off the tap or if there is any leak, Ekerö Bostäder can see this right away, 24/7.

– We have discovered several taps that have been running continuously. We were able to basically act the same day. Doing so, we could save a lot of water and money, says Ulf.

”We will definitely expand”

The very day after Ekerö Bostäder installed Smartvatten, they got their first alarm in their area.

– Thanks to Smartvatten, we could save a lot of money because we discovered the leak in time, says Ulf.

Currently Ekerö Bostäder has a pilot project where they installed a dozen meters in their residential areas, and they can already see the benefits that the product has brought about.

– We will definitely continue to expand this, as much as we are able, says Ulf.

Get assistance from Smartvatten’s support

Smartvatten’s support also keeps an extra eye on the implemented meters and contacts the property owners if they notice any leakage.

– They are there to help in case something comes up, and they always answer the phone. The support is great, says Ulf.

– My personal opinion is that Smartvatten is super smart. It is simply great and I am impressed, he says.

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