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Future-oriented service and suitable solutions

FCG Fonder is a fund company that offers various turnkey solutions based on customers’ needs. As the company operates in financial industry, it is important to have suitable system solutions concerning asset management. In order to react to that need, the company started cooperation with FA Solutions four years ago.

– Our cooperation started because of the need for powerful system solution for the administration of the fund management in FCG Fonder, Simon Carlstedt, the Head of Operations, says.

FA Solutions offers multiple software platforms in order to support their customers’ business. Depending on customers’ needs, the solutions and the functionalities can be chosen exactly.

Future needs are also mentioned

”FA Solutions is able to grow together with us and really listen to our future needs, not only the current ones.”

FCG Fonder ended up cooperating with FA Solutions due to their flexibility and modern methods. Even though FA Solutions is not the only operator in the field, their solutions were the most suitable for the purposes of FCG Fonder.

– In fact, there were also some other alternatives for the system. However, we needed a system to support our business so we chose a solution that is the most flexible for us, Carlstedt explains.

– FA Solutions is able to grow together with us and really listen to our future needs, not only the current ones, Carlstedt continues.

”We want to work together with them”

According to Carlstedt, the development of the system and the results of the cooperation can really be seen. However, the results are not the only reason for why the company is highly praised.

– FA Solutions is very service-minded, which is seen both in their customer service and in their development side. That is why we want to work together with them, Carlstedt emphasises.

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