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TMD Sensors works closely with HK Instruments to serve the Polish market

TMD Sensors is a Polish company that is an exclusive distributor partner for the Finland-based HK Instruments Oy. Despite their geographical distance, they’ve successfully worked together for 15 years and are supplying the demanding Polish market with products of out-standing quality and beautiful design.

HK Instruments is specialized in producing high-quality measuring devices for clean indoor air. Their partner TMD Sensors feels that their cooperation is first and foremost based on mutual trust and having a common goal.

– We want to build real partnerships with our customers and HK Instruments has the same goal. We share values, which makes the cooperation work really well, Dariusz Slezak states.

– They are a big company and operate globally. Nevertheless, they are a family business and we feel that that our cooperation is a real partnership. It makes our work as distributors easy, Dimitrios Baltatzis continues.

”High-quality, 5 year guarantee and beautiful design”

In addition to having a close partnership, the quality of the products is important to TMD Sensors, as the Polish market is highly demanding.

– When we work with HK Instruments, we can be sure that the products are of high-quality, Michał Siemieniec, the founder of TMD Sensors says.

– Characteristic for the product is their high-quality, 5 year guarantee and beautiful design, Baltatzis continues.

– Furthermore, the products are extremely user-friendly and even the instructions are really clear to understand, Slezak explains.

A cooperation worth recommending

As TMD Sensors has worked with HK Instruments for a long time, they know their way of working inside and out.

– I’ve worked with these products for 15 years and I think that’s speaking volumes of the quality of the products. They really are worth investing in, Slezak says.

– I can only recommend working with HK Instruments. I couldn’t imagine working with any other company. It really is a good choice, Siemieniec concludes.

HK Instruments is a family-owned Finnish company that helps its customers to keep the quality of indoor air and the functionality of buildings high, resulting in well-being and energy savings.
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