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“The iLOQ locking system is a really well thought through system.”

Baugenossenschaft Esslingen EG was in need of a new electronic locking system to ease the administration of keys for the company and the moving process for their tenants. They chose the iLOQ S10 locking system, because it was essential for them to find an electronic solution that would work without batteries.

Baugenossenschaft Esslingen EG is one of the biggest commercial lessors in Esslingen with their 3.000 apartments and 1.200 underground garages. As they decided to modernize their locking systems with an electronic locking system, they quickly found out that they really only had one choice – iLOQ.

– We now have all the advantages of an electronic locking system, but without having to worry about changing batteries, the chairman of the board, Oliver Kulpanek states.

Stephan Kampf

Simple, fast and flexible administration

Stephan Kampf is the technical manager at Baugenossenschaft Esslingen EG and uses the iLOQ system on a daily basis. He couldn’t be happier, as the system is adapting to their needs as commercial lessors.

– When a new tenant moves in, we only need to code them a key and, in that instant, they have the access to the apartment. It’s a brilliant system, Kampf praises.

Oliver Kulpanek

– The advantage of this system is very noticeable for the tenants, as they now need to wait two minutes for the key instead of six weeks, as it previously was, Kulpanek adds.

More data on safety

With the iLOQ locking system everything can be programmed and controlled remotely on the computer. This adds to the tenants’ safety, as keys can immediately be de-programmed, if a tenant loses one.

– An added advantage is that we can read straight from the cylinder, which key has been used to open a specific lock. We can even find out which key was used to try to open a door. The iLOQ locking system is a really well thought through system, and we’re really satisfied with it, Kulpanek summarizes.

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