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The iLOQ S10 system offers Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe great functions

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. is a voluntary humanitarian organization and its main tasks include training, emergency medical service, disaster relief, social care as well as international aid. As their employees work in shifts and there are a lot of different types of locks and keys to be handled, Johanniter Dresden was on the look-out for a new locking system, which would also enable them to keep track on who has access to where and when.

Carsten Herde works as the Regional Executive Manager at Johanniter Dresden. They were faced with a problem regarding providing their employees’ the right kind of access throughout the working day and the need to be able to document this as well.

– We need to be able to document the authorizations of each individual lock. The authorizations also need to be able to work only within a given time frame, Herde tells.

– We spoke with many different companies, but iLOQ made us convinced that we need a digital locking system that works without batteries, he continues.

Flexibility is the key

Denis Papperitz is the Referent of the Project Development at Johanniter and emphasizes the importance of the flexibility of their new iLOQ S10 locking system.

–  Our staff works in shifts and different people need different authorization. Now we can easily ensure that everyone has access to wherever they need, as we can code the keys and the cylinders ourselves on-site, he praises.

Significant savings created with a digital locking system

Initially, Johanniter wanted to create savings by reducing the overall maintenance costs caused by, for example, the staff losing keys. They ended up getting more than savings.

– As I saw the system for the first time, I was surprised by the fact that it’s so simple to use, but it still offers a numerous amount of possibilities for the users, Herde states.

– If I needed to list the pros and cons about iLOQ, I could only come up with pros, he concludes.

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