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“We are convinced that iLOQ is a great solution”

Helmut Hechniger GmbH was in search of high-quality locking system, which would work without batteries. Even though they had other alternatives to choose from, they decided to go with the iLOQ locking system due to its versatility and sustainability.

Helmut Hechinger GmbH is a family-run company that produces and develops customer-specific magnet systems and mechatronic and electronic sub-assemblies for automotive and mechanical engineering sectors as well as for the construction and medical industries. Rico Engel is responsible for the building services and technology at Villingen-Schwenningen and he’s been happy with the iLOQ locking system since day one.

– The most important aspect in our search for a new locking system was that it needs to function without any batteries. With the iLOQ locking system, we are able to be sustainable, as we don’t need to do annual battery changes, Engel says.

High-quality and low maintenance

It was also important for Engel that the new locking system would be easy to maintain and flexible to use. As the locking system was delivered to Helmut Hechinger GmbH, Engel was instructed on how he can program the keys and control the system on his own terms.

– I see huge value in the fact that we able to program the keys ourselves: I can give and deny access to certain keys and build hierarchies in this simple way. Furthermore, it’s easy to replace a lost key really fast, he praises.

Using iLOQ has versatile benefits

Engel sees many benefits in the iLOQ locking system. Based on his own experiences with it, he can warmly recommend it to other as well.

– I think that the best features are the easy codability and the fact that the same key can be used for different locks simply by building key hierarchies. The keys are reusable, but we also need less of them. I would gladly recommend it to our clients or suppliers working in our field, as we are convinced that iLOQ is a great solution, Engel concludes.

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