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Together with his father and brother, Christoph Wulf runs a family business called Forstunternehmen Wulf GbR. They’re currently operating in the third generation as their grandfather started the business back in the day with horses and manual labor. They’ve since then moved on first to tractors and then to the specialized machines they’re using today to run their business. For the past 30 years they’ve relied on Logset to be their partner.

Their operations are focused on Brake in Nordrhein-Westfalen, which is in Central-Germany. At the moment of the interview they were working in Stadtwald Brake which is located close to their home.

– We started to use the Logset machines already in 1991 as the first machine was delivered to us. We’ve used the older generation machines up to the latest additions now. Currently, we have two 8 Harvesters, a 8H GT harvester with the standard technology as well as the GT as a hybrid. We’ll also get a further addition to the Logset family, when the next 8H is delivered to our premises in a few weeks, Wulf briefly describes their history with Logset.

Lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption per cubic meter wood with hybrid technology

The CO2 emissions and lowering them are the hot topics everyone is talking about nowadays. When Wulf heard that the Logset 12A Hybrid was being demonstrated near him, he jumped on the chance to go over to see and test drive it.

– When I got to drive it myself, I was excited about its performance. Furthermore, I knew that the hybrid would enable us to be more eco-friendly by lessening the CO2 emissions. Lower CO2 emissions also mean lower fuel consumption per cubic meter wood produced, which means significant savings. We initially bought the 12A, but it was a little too big for our use even though it was good to use. When the 8H GT was released, I immediately called Logset to get one for us and we couldn’t be happier, Wulf states.

– With the hybrid machine I can work significantly more fluently. My effectiveness is overall better. The hybrid allows me to focus the power when and where it is most needed, he continues.

Local support and innovative ever-improving technology

The machines must have a low downtime or it becomes expensive for the entrepreneur. Wulf finds it important that he has the access to local support whenever needed.

– My father has had close relations with the local Logset dealer since 1985 and we’ve always been really happy with the service. I feel that they really grasp our problems and take action when needed, Wulf explains.

There are problems with every machine of every brand, but it makes a difference how they are dealt with. Logset has always been able to very efficiently find a solution to every issue thanks to their dedicated attitude.

– We can really rely on the quality and reliability of the Logset machines. Furthermore, Logset keeps developing the technology of the machines. Even though we are mostly in contact with the German support, I’ve learned to know that the Logset staff in Finland are really dedicated to their job. The Finns I’ve been in contact with are approachable and easy to work with. We appreciate the personal relationship we have with Logset and their down-to-earth attitude. It feels like we can go through thick and thin together, Wulf praises.

– I can only be pleased that the team behind the machines are this dedicated, so I can always feel at ease that we’re getting the best possible solutions. I would definitely recommend Logset machines to anyone. We look forward to seeing what the future looks like when we continue to work together with this innovative company, he concludes.

Logset erbjuder förstklassiga lösningar för hållbarare skogsavverking genom att utveckla, tillverka, sälja och underhålla skogsmaskiner som är pålitliga, effektiva och funktionella.
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