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Mekitec helps Sokołów S.A. Group to gather data on their food safety

Sokołów S.A. Group is one of the most recognizable Polish meat processing brands. Their factory in Czyżew is currently using four Mekitec X-ray food inspection systems to make sure their food is safe to be consumed.

Food production is a highly regulated business and companies need to follow safety procedures in detecting possible foreign objects in their products. These foreign objects are not only limited to metal, but can also be made of other materials, such as plastic or glass. Anna Wierzbowska is working at the Sokołów S.A. Group factory in Czyżew as the head of the packaging department and sees the value of the Mekitec X-ray system in her daily work.

– The device was installed without disturbing the production process cycle. Now we’re able to detect not only metal, but also other foreign objects from the products. It’s really simple to use, she praises.

Compact size – great benefits

Sebastian Bownik is the technical and commercial director at Logopak East Sp. z o.o. They have worked in cooperation with Mekitec for five years and he is excited about the possibilities the X-ray system has to offer for the industry.

– The greatest aspects about the Mekitec X-ray food inspection system for this business are the compact size and the fact that it’s not limited to only detecting metal, Bownik says.

– Inspection machines are needed to be absolutely sure that customers eating the food won’t find any foreign objects in it. It’s a safety issue, he continues.

Investment that will pay off

Wierzbowska and Bownik agree that the Mekitec’s X-ray food inspection system is something worth investing in.

– Companies care about the people eating their food. They care about their brand. They want to protect both of them. Furthermore, calling back defect batches of products from the market is terribly expensive, Bownik summarizes.

– We wanted something that would be reliable, efficient and easy-to-use. Now we’ve found that in Mekitec, Wierzbowska concludes.

Mekitec Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of X-ray food inspection systems designed to improve quality control processes and brand protection for the food industry.
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