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Happier staff and more efficiency

Elkjøp Nordic is the largest Consumer Electronic Retailer in the Nordic countries. They have about 400 stores all over Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden which means that they need an effective workforce management system. They recently implemented Quinyx and everyone from managers to employees is using it. The preliminary results are promising.

As Elkjøp Nordic is a large organization operating in many countries, they need to make exact calculations before they implement a new system that’s used throughout the organization. Therefore, they were working closely with Quinyx even before implementing it to map out what the impacts of Quinyx will have on workforce management and the employees.

– The people at Quinyx have been very supportive and helpful throughout the project from the planning phase to the actual implementation. Every time we’ve had an issue with anything, they’ve been there to support us and have solved it quickly, Morten Kirk Schwartzmann, the Nordic Productivity Manager of Elkjøp explains.

Forecasting and AI enhance the workforce management

One of the daily challenges Elkøp Nordics faces is that they need to have the right amount of staff at the right times to ensure their excellent level of customer service.

– We aim to be as efficient as possible, but what we want even more is our employees to be happy at work. With the Quinyx mobile app they can have a more efficient workday and have more time with the customers, Schwartzmann explains.

– Furthermore, the artificial intelligence built with-in the system and the forecasting functions allow us to know exactly when and where people are needed, he continues.

”It makes my life easier”

The app can be used to check your own work schedule as well as your co-workers’ shifts. As the app is equipped with a chat function, employees can change their shifts independently within the app. This is especially important for Nghia Phan who works as the department manager of Elkjøp Ullevål

– Every employee knows how to use it. As they can also communicate with each other in the app itself, they can change shifts there independently, if needed, Phan explains.

Stein Roald Allsted works as a sales person and has similar thoughts about Quinyx.

– With the app, I can plan my days better both at work and at home. It makes my life easier. I can see when I have shifts or time off and I can even see my co-workers’ shifts. The communication among us employees is really, really good now, he states.

Morten Schwartzmann believes that a happy staff will lead to better overall results. As they’ve just recently implemented Quinyx in all of their countries, he’s eagerly waiting to see the long-term outcomes.

– We expect this cooperation to lessen the active time used for scheduling, staffing and overseeing this by our managers. So far, our expectations with Quinyx have been met, Schwartzmann concludes.

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