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Serres Nemo fluid hospital waste disposal equipment improves hygiene and smooths daily procedures

Roughly a year ago Klinikum Gütersloh bought a Serres Nemo, an innovative suction bag emptying equipment. Since the very beginning, the equipment has been in daily use, making the management of infectious hospital waste not only easier but also safer.

– Serres Nemo is very useful, because it is easy to use. One of its advantages is that we don’t come into contact with secretions anymore, Christine Aulbur says.

She works as a cleaner at Klinikum Gütersloh and knows what she’s talking about, as Aulbur and her co-workers are responsible for cleaning the operating rooms.

– Using Serres Nemo makes our work more hygienic, because we don’t need to wash and sterilize suction bags by hand anymore – we simply remove them, and the equipment takes care of the rest, Aulbur adds.

Serres Nemo saves time

”After doing this once or twice, you know how to use the equipment. New co-workers learn it quickly.”

– Serres Nemo empties the bag in just 20 seconds, Aulbur explains, showing us how to use the system.

Aulbur places a used suction bag into Serres Nemo, closes the lid and presses the start button. The empty bag is then thrown away.

– After doing this once or twice, you know how to use the equipment. New co-workers learn it quickly, Aulbur says.

”We’re very satisfied”

Because the whole process takes less than a minute, using Serres Nemo saves Aulbur and her co-workers’ time. With more time on their hands, their workdays are smoother, and they can concentrate on taking care of other important tasks.

– We’re very satisfied with Serres Nemo – it would be great to have more of these in the future, Aulbur concludes.

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