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Advanced ERP system that enhances daily operations

Disruptive Technologies is a Norwegian technology company that develops the world’s smallest commercial-grade wireless sensors. Their clients operate in a variety of different industries ranging from facility management to food service and safety to real-estate and healthcare applications. Staria has provided Disruptive Technologies with a NetSuite ERP system. Due to it, they are now much better prepared to deliver the products to their customers. It has also considerably reduced the need for manual work.

In 2017, Disruptive Technologies was about to introduce a new kind of a sensor. At the same time, they realized that an advanced ERP system was needed to better support logistics and subscription management.

– We decided that NetSuite was the best choice for us. It’s a cloud-based ERP system that offers a lot of options. However, it’s also easy to use and effortless to integrate with other solutions, says Jørgen Tegdan, who is the VP of Finance at Disruptive Technologies.– After we had decided that NetSuite was the best solution, we then saw that Staria was the number one NetSuite partner in the Nordics. Our choice was to use them to develop the system with us, he continues.

Automated processes have proven valuable

Disruptive Technologies wanted to have a seamless cloud-to-cloud integration between NetSuite and their own systems. They got what they ordered. NetSuite has enabled the company to handle the orders more efficiently than ever before.

– We can just pick a box of sensors from the shelf and ship it to our customer. It is then registered automatically in the software, Tegdan reveals.

Service that’s easy to recommend

Disruptive Technologies was one of the first companies in Norway to start a partnership with Staria. The liaison has gone so well that it’s very easy to recommend their services to others as well.

– Our partnership has been successful so I would recommend other companies in the Nordics to look into what they have to offer, Tegdan says.

– Staria knows NetSuite. They were able to customize it iso that it integrates well with our other tools. We can get the best out of NetSuite now, he concludes.

Staria är ett nordiskt företag grundades 2003, sedan dess har Staria utvecklats och vuxit till att bli en stark spelare på marknaden. Idag är Staria ett internationellt bolag med bred erfarenhet inom många olika typer av branscher, från den traditionella skogsindustrin till restaurangkedjor och internationellt framgångsrika spelbolag.
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