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Staria and Trimtex work together to develop, to localize and to automate Trimtex’ IT-operations

Trimtex is focused on creating leading technical clothing to athletes with outstanding quality and unique designs. Their mission is to support professional athletes in their hunt for gold medals in different sports. Staria was chosen to be their partner, when Trimtex started to look for just the right IT partner and solution to fit their needs and to support them in their growth. Trimtex began mapping out their options regarding their IT solutions for over 5 years ago and are now really satisfied with the choice they made.

Trimtex is a company founded in Lillesand, Norway for over 40 years ago, when their founder Harald Augland began creating customized sportwear in his garage. Much has happened since then, as today Trimtex is providing national teams and individuals with gear that are shaped by the toughest Nordic conditions. Their brand ambassadors include world-class triathlonists, cross-country skiers, cyclers and orienteers from the Nordics all the way to Sydney, Australia. As their revenue started to increase at a rapid rate 10 years ago, Trimtex needed to update their IT-systems to be more efficient and to keep their customer service at a great level.

”Suddenly I realized that this is what we need.”

– As we started to look for an IT-partner we realized that they’re either too complex or simple or way too expensive. Then we had a meeting with Staria that showed us the NetSuite by Oracle, and I suddenly realized that this is what we need, the CFO of Trimtex Asbjørn Sundodden explains.

Together they customized a solution based on Trimtex needs. At the moment, Trimtex is using NetSuite OneWorld, localizations in all the respective countries they operate in, NetSuite CRM and Inflow to better handle the purchase invoices alongside with several additional integrations.

Help and support – whenever needed

Sundodden is really happy with working together with Staria. They are being supported in their aims to grow on the market and to further develop their processes regarding automations.

– We’re very much looking forward to continuing this co-operation with Staria. The next steps in this collaboration will focus on getting even more efficient by creating more automations to our operations, Sundodden summarizes excitedly.

Staria är ett nordiskt företag grundades 2003, sedan dess har Staria utvecklats och vuxit till att bli en stark spelare på marknaden. Idag är Staria ett internationellt bolag med bred erfarenhet inom många olika typer av branscher, från den traditionella skogsindustrin till restaurangkedjor och internationellt framgångsrika spelbolag.
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