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Viessmann provided Helden CATERING the best possible cooling solution

Helden CATERING has operated in the restaurant business for more than 35 years. Their services range from company restaurants and school canteens to offering catering services to private persons. When their business started to grow rapidly, they needed to increase their production capacity by renovating their kitchen facilities completely and Viessmann was able to offer them a wholesome solution.

René Karsten is the managing director at Helden CATERING in Lübeck. He remembers well, how the cooperation with Viessmann began.

– As we needed to renovate our kitchen facilities, we decided to go with Viessmann, as they offered us a solution, Karsten explains.

– The process began with planning the renovation together with Neumann Großküchensysteme GmbH and we were on the same wavelength from the get-go, he says.

High-quality with high hygienic standards

Helden CATERING needed a solution, which would ensure that their work can be done with high hygienic standards and with high-quality. Jens Neumann from Neumann Großküchensysteme GmbH planned the project together with Helden CATERING.

– Viessmann is able to offer their clients a great modular assembly system, which can be adjusted to serve all of the clients’ needs, Neumann explains.

The perfect cooling option for anyone

”Their modular assembly system is just so fantastic. We’re very happy about working with Viessmann.”

Both Helden CATERING as well as Neumann Großküchensysteme GmbH are pleased with Viessmann and the cooperation.

– Our kitchen has now been planned so that it’s very functional and it’s fit for our current needs, but it can also be easily modified to adapt and to support our growth in the future. We have chosen the right product. This is the perfect cooling solution for us, Karsten summarizes.

– We are also really satisfied with Viessmann and we recommend it to all of our contractors. Their modular assembly system is just so fantastic. We’re very happy about working with Viessmann, Neumann says.

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