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80 % recycling rate with the ZenRobotics AI robot arms

Helvetia Environnement is a Swiss corporation with 13 different locations in Switzerland. The Geneva facility goes annually through 77.000 tons of household waste and their goal is to reach a 100% recycling rate in the future. They chose the ZenRobotic robot arms to their Geneva facility to increase their employee satisfaction and to increase their selecting ratio.

Vincent Chapel is the CEO of Helvetia Environnement and he sees real value in using the AI robotic arms to sort out waste at their 20.000 square meter facility in Geneva.

– We serve both private and public sectors and our main goal is to be able to recycle as much of the incoming waste as possible. The waste types include construction and industrial waste as well as household waste, Chapel explains.

Better selecting ratio and happier employees

Dealing with many different types of waste is not an easy task when you want to reuse as much of the waste as possible. Harmful substances and heavy objects are difficult to sort through as manual labour.

– The ZenRobotic arms are processing what we call medium and heavy waste so that our employees can focus on smaller items. It eases the employees’ work tremendously and they aren’t exposed to any harmful substances. Furthermore, the robot arms can each pick 2.000 items per hour, which is significant, Chapel says.

Artificial intelligence helps in reaching recycling goals

As the waste comes in mixed, it’s useful to have robot arms which use artificial intelligence to function. They can be set to pick out whichever material is currently preferred and they can also be taught new types of waste, if needed.

– We can pick more of many substances at one go with the arms. The materials can be anything from paper, cardboard, wood, iron to plastic. We’re the most focused on plastic recycling, but as our goal is to reach 100% recyclability in the future, we really need to focus on collecting and recycling all of the materials we get. Today we’re at 80% recycling rate and I’m sure that we’ll get to 100% one day. That’s our main goal, Chapel concludes.

ZenRobotics Ltd. is a global leader in smart robotic recycling and the first company to apply AI-based sorting robots to a complex waste-sorting environment.
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